Luxury Apartment

Quality and exceptional value. Elegant and exclusive apartment for exclusive use. Unique lights and views.

Spacious windows that invite you to contemplate the eagle’s flight.

Spaces designed for your relaxation.

200 m2

Large unique spaces

Panoramic views

Contemplate the nature of Garrotxa.


Refuge of peace and elegance, where time stands still


Free sauna and jacuzzi service with prior reservation


1. Common Green Area (23 m2)

2. Green Bathroom (5 m2)

3. Green Room (18 m2)

4. Kitchen (23 m2)

5. Common Area (20 m2)

6. Ochre Bathroom (23 m2)

7. Space with Fireplace (50 m2)

8. Ochre Room (27 m2)

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